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Time for Photos or CD

TFP/TFCD The term means: “time for prints or time for CD of images.” TFP is a mutual collaboration between a photographer and a model. The photographer agrees to shoot the model at no charge and give photos in lieu of paying a modeling fee. This synergistic session allows the photographer and model to try new ideas and perfect new techniques, while bringing to life new images for both the model and photographer's portfolios.

I will gladly consider a TFP arrangement if the model's look is suitable for something that I want to shoot, if I want to update my own portfolio or test out new photographic techniques, or if you have a unique idea for a photo shoot that I like. 

Here are some details about the way I do TFP:
I will ask that you bring most of the wardrobe including shoes.
I will ask that you do your own make up and hair.
I will ask you to sign a standard model release at the time of the shoot.
Don’t arrive with an entourage. We are here to photograph you, not show you off to your family and friends.
Most of my TFP shoots last no longer than 3 hours
Some, but not all, of my shoots do require nudity but that will be discussed and agreed to before hand. Nude or implied nude- If you are not comfortable working nude, don't do it, don’t say you’ll do it and change your mind after the fact or after you agree to a shoot.
I will give you at least one portfolio size print or, Hi Res files you can print yourself, for each hour we work. You can expect 3 for a 3 hour shoot
I will give about 10 -15 digital images edited and ready for internet use either by email or CD. 
I don't supply a CD of all unedited images - ever.

If you decide to cancel at the last minute don’t expect to be contacted again. I don’t care about the excuse. Grandma died, husband doesn’t want me to shoot that, boyfriend has a dentist appointment, Mom wants me to watch the kids, car broke down, left my make up at a friend’s house, and dog ate my homework. You’ve wasted my time.
I can't stress enough that you need to show up on time!! My time is as valuable as yours. If you are late consider our shoot cancelled.

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